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#Knicks #Porzingis #nba

Deeper Dive: Thoughts on Porzingis and the Knicks

Taking some questions on the Knicks hot 8-6 start

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Trapper, Trapper Review, Meghan E. Jones, Jenny Reed, The Shelter, The Shelter NYC, Morgan McGuire, Kelley Gates, Noam Harary, Jessica O'Hara-Baker, Matthew Sanders, Jennifer Fouché, 4th Street Theatre,

'Trapper' and the Modern Myth of Sanity

Meghan E. Jones' new play probes the psychology of a trashy tabloid and its victims.

Lady Review, Sofya Weitz, Will Arbery, Lola Kelly, Sasha Diamond, Eli Gelb, Jack Plowe, The Araca Project, American Theatre Of Actors

'Lady' Rounds Out an October of Spooky Theater

Sofya Weitz's bloody new play probes the psychology of the female serial killer.

Yahoo, NFL, Streaming, Jacksonville Jaguars Preview, Buffalo Bills,

Deeper Dive: First Globle-Wide Stream Should be Considered a Win for Sports and Digital

Sports executives and media everywhere await results of inaugural Yahoo/NFL experiment

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Gideon Productions, The Honeycomb Trilogy, Mac Rogers, Jordana Williams, Advance Man, Kristen Vaughan, Jason Howard, Ana Maria Jomolca, Sean Williams, Becky Byers, David Rosenblatt, Carlos Martin, Shaun Bennet Fauntleroy, Rebecca Comtois, Brian Silliman

'The Honeycomb Trilogy' Invades the New York Stage

Mac Rogers' sci-fi epic about alien terraforming takes over the Gym at Judson.

Ten Ways On A Gun, Ten Ways On A Gun Review, Dylan Lamb, Squeaky Bicycle Productions, Theater For The New City, Kathryn McConnell, Brandi Varnell, Nathaniel Kent, Michael Menta, Alisa Murray, Timothy Condon, Leajato Robinson, Laura Darrell, Sheila Joon

'Ten Ways on a Gun' and the Making of Theater about Violence

Dylan Lamb's new play imagines the collision of a docu-dance company and a timeshared gun.

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