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Organizing your event has never been easier.

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Pack out your event.

Whatever your passion is, we are here to help you turn it into a successful event.

Creating an event is fast and easy. With our user-generated platform, you can:

  • Collect RSVPs
  • Sell tickets
  • Provide registration
  • Accept donations

All of this, in our marketplace, on your website, and through social media. Your events also join our mobile event discovery marketplace—the first of its kind.

We will safely handle the transactions and deposit the money (via direct deposit) in your bank account. We even give you the choice to use PayPal. However you want to “money-tize your dreams” is up to you.

Join the DIY revolution.

Unbeatable Pricing

Low-to-no fees.

We charge the lowest fees in the industry. This is by design.

CHARGED.fm never wants to be the reason why you raise your ticket prices.

When the fees are lower, your ticket prices are lower.

We believe it's good business to make pricing more flexible, so you can sell more and pack your events.

On The Move

Your event is mobile-friendly & app-ready.

The CHARGED app boasts the only true event discovery tool. With a couple of taps, you can find things to do and then broadcast events to all your networks, or even create your own. This makes it easier than ever for people to find your events and share them with even more people. We help bring you customers in a way no other events marketplace can.

Android (event on Instagram) + iPhone (CHGD event sharing) + Windows Phone (event on FB)

Express Yourself

With your beautiful event page.

It is super easy to create Event Pages that reflect your passions, talents and dreams.

Not only do your events look better on CHARGED.fm, but we'll give you simple-to-use embed tools to easily integrate event sales everywhere else you promote.

You can choose colors, typography, backgrounds and add flyers and video to help you market, promote and sell out your events.

All-Access Dashboard

You're in control of every aspect of your event.

Track In Real-Time

From the moment tickets go on sale, track your event in real-time from our easy-to-use event dashboard. From here you can manage your orders, guests, promoters and tickets all from one convenient place.

Promote Your Event

Share via social media and your email contacts using our diverse marketing tools. With so much at your disposal, you'll have no problem marketing your event.

Check-in Guests

Download our app, Terminal, to check-in your guests via your tablet or mobile device. Terminal is the ultimate innovation in mobile box office technology and lets you scan your tickets, sell tickets using cash or credit card, and manage your guests all from one place.


How can we make "easy" even easier? CHARGED.fm's job is not only to create a ticketing vending machine that dispenses your tickets. We give you groundbreaking tools to quickly send marketing to your customers, friends and fans.