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CHARGED.fm is the safe and secure place to go for the widest range of events at the lowest prices.

Our secret is simple: we give powerful tools at the lowest fees to people who sell tickets and promote events, which allows them to pass those savings on to you when you buy tickets. The CHARGED.fm peer-to-peer marketplace democratizes events and helps you monetize your dreams while making it easier for you to share those dreams with the world.

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Simply put. The "Prime" total box office software is the most powerful ticketing platform available. It’s the only box office solution that truly provides a modern social commerce experience. If your venue is ready to innovate their ticketing experience and connect with customers in a whole new way, Prime is for you.

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The Secondary Market

We offer you the perfect place to resell your tickets and keep more of your money. Where some of our competitors charge 15% fees, we only charge 5%, and this makes our tickets cheaper for you.

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Your Events.

Social Ticketing

We are all about democratizing events. Not some of the events. All of the events. In this new digital age we ask, "Why can't unsigned artists sell tickets right next to big concert events? Why can't a local YouTube comedian sell tickets to their shows in a dive bar right next to Louis CK's inventory?" With CHARGED.fm you can.

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The Magazine

We aren't just a digital tickets vending machine. We are the subject matter experts when it comes to events. With our Magazine we build relationships with artists, bands and the people that create events, in order to better inform you about shows and the people who make us want to go to shows in the first place.

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