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Schooled, Schooled Review, Lisa Lewis, FringeNYC, Fringe Festival, Fringe Festival Reviews, James Kautz, Robert Moss Theater, Quentin Mare, Stephen Friedrich, Lilli Stein

'Schooled' in Screenwriting and Seduction

Lisa Lewis' dynamic new play captures the tensions and scheming of an NYC film school.

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  • Night Of The Living, Night Of The Living Review, FringeNYC, Fringe Festival Reviews, New York International Fringe Festival, Dave Lankford, Jenny Beth Snyder, Belle Caplis, Eric Kuehnemann

    'Night of the Living' Draws Crowds at FringeNYC

    Lankford's play features a zombie apocalypse crossed with an intimate relationship struggle.

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  • Loose Canon, Loose Canon Review, FringeNYC, Fringe Festival, FringeNYC Reviews, Brian Reno, Gabriel Vega Weissman, Logan Reed, Becky Baumwoll, Grant Chamberlin, Cynthia Nesbit, Todd Rizley, Tamara Sevunts, Daniel Tepper

    'Loose Canon' Charms with Tales from Sophocles to Taco Bell

    A walk through the history of theater, if history was a strip mall.

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  • Dhiaghilesque, Dhiaghilesque Review, KineticArchitecture, FringeNYC, Fringe Festival, FringeNYC Reviews, Arrie Davidson, Lisa Clementi, Diane Skerbec, Meghann Bronson, Dara Swisher, Brittany Posas, Cecily McCullough

    'DHIAGHILESQUE!' Takes Ballets Russes Where It Has Never Been Before

    KineticArchitecture reinterprets classical ballet through the lens of feminist and trans* issues.

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    Unity 1918, Unity 1918 Review, Kevin Kerr, KJ Sanchez, Project Theater, Gene Frankel Theatre, Wendy Bagger, Alicia Dawn Bullen, Jessi Blue Gormezano, Doug Harris, Beth Ann Hopkins, Joshua Everett Johnson, Joe Jung, Alexandra Perlwitz, Melanie Rey

    'Unity (1918)': a Pandemic Horror Romance Tale

    Kevin Kerr's moving play about the horrors of the Spanish flu makes its American debut.

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  • Pimm's Mission, Pimm's Mission Review, 59e59, Oberon Theatre Ensemble, Christopher Stetson Boal, Terrence O'Brien, Mac Brydon, Brad Fryman, Patrick Hamilton, Daniel Morgan Shelley, Ryan Tramont

    'Pimm's Mission' Brings Corporate Espionage to 59E59

    This understated thriller will leave you guessing until the very end what Pimm's mission truly is.

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  • Telling, Telling Review, Natalie Bates, Fresh Fruit Festival, Virginia Dutton, Debbie Bernstein, Maya Karp, Mikel Vaughn, Paul Eismann, Michele O'Brien, David Loughlin, Ruis Woertendyke, Wild Project,

    'Telling' Probes the Dark World of 1970s Homophobia

    Natalie Bates' play grapples with the difficulties of telling your family who you truly are.

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  • Napoleon, Napoleon Musical, NYMF 2015, Signature Center, Andrew Sabiston, Timothy Williams, Joseph Leo Bwarie, Matthew Patrick Quinn, Margaret Loesser Robinson, Ryan Speakman, Christopher J. Nolan, Danielle Gimbal

    'Napoleon' Rocks Out at NYMF

    The triumphant tale of the great emperor thrills at the New York Musical Theatre Festival.

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  • Judith, Vinegar Tom, Potomac Theatre Project, Atlantic Stage 2, Howard Barker, Richard Romagnoli, Caryl Churchill, Carol Christensen, Cheryl Faraone, Pamela J. Gray, Alex Draper, Patricia Buckley, Tara Giordano, Bill Army, Kathleen Wise, Nesba Crenshaw

    'Judith' & 'Vinegar Tom' Explore Women's Strength Throughout History

    Potomac Theatre Project's double bill shines at Atlantic Stage 2.

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