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Lynn Redgrave Theater

Theater Review: 'Simon Says'

A new play by Mat Schaffer examines the paranormal.

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    Review: The White Stag Quadrilogy

    Dixon Place presents a new comedy.

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  • The Good Girl, The Good Girl Review, 59E59, Emilie Collyer, Adam Fitzgerald, Joyseekers Theatre, Giacomo Baessato, Leah Gabriel

    'The Good Girl' and the Dystopian Madam

    59E59 imports a Melbourne Fringe play about sex robots to the NYC stage.

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  • A Dream Of Red Pavilions

    Review: A Dream of Red Pavilions

    A central Chinese novel is staged.

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    Death Of The Liberal Class, Death Of The Liberal Class Review, Robert Lyons, Jerry Heymann, New Ohio Theatre, Steven Rattazzi, Jeanette Dilone, Olivia Horton, Melissa Murray, Justin Colón, Arthur Aulisi,

    Awaiting the Crash in 'Death of the Liberal Class'

    Doomsday lurks on a Canadian farm in Robert Lyons' new play.

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  • In Quietness, In Quietness Review, Anna Moench, Danya Taymor, Walker Space, Lucy DeVito, Blake DeLong, Rory Kulz, Kate MacCluggage, Alley Scott, Dutch Kills Theater

    Feminism and Christianity Collide in 'In Quietness'

    Anna Moench's new play brings marital strife to the Southern Baptist Homemaking House.

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  • Collaborators, Collaborators Review, John Hodge, Peter Dobbins, Storm Theatre Company, Brian J. Carter, Ross DeGraw, Robin Haynes, Erin Beirnard, Sean Cleary, Joseph Knipper, Jessica Levesque, Maury Miller, Ed Prostak, Natalie Pavelek, Joshua R. Pyne

    'Collaborators,' the Good Liberal Playwright's Nightmare

    In Soviet Russia, Stalin writes play for you.

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  • Fiddler On The Roof

    Review: Fiddler on the Roof

    The classic musical is revived on Broadway.

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  • Quantum Joy

    Review: Quantum Joy

    Review: Quantum Joy

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