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More About Motley Crue

Genre: Heavy Metal/Hard Rock


Bio and News

Motley Crue formed in Los Angeles, California in 1981 and were founded by bass guitarist Nikki Sixx and drummer Tommy Lee. They were later joined by lead guitarist Mick Mars and lead singer Vince Neil. Through their career, they have sold over 75 million records.

Motley Crue’s first album Too Fast For Love was released on their own record label, Lethur Records, in 1981 and sold 20,000 copies. In the spring of 1982, they signed a deal with Elektra Records.

With Elektra, Motley Crue released Shout at the Devil in September, 1983, which was the band’s breakthrough record with tracks like “Shout at the Devil,” “Looks That Kill,” and “ Too Young to Fall in Love.” It demonstrated the sleazy and fun nature that defined the hard rock group.

The 1980s was a time that saw Motley Crue thrive as they epitomized the rock and roll lifestyle. They released hit album after hit album with Theatre of Pain in 1985, Girls, Girls, Girls in 1987, and Dr. Feelgood in 1989. Each album rose in the charts and culminated with Dr. Feelgood, featuring such tracks as “Dr. Feelgood” and “Kickstart My Heart,” becoming a #1 album on the Billboard charts, Crue’s only #1 album.

The 90s were not as kind to the Crue as the eighties were. The “hair metal” that dominated the music waves was gone by the early nineties. Motley Crue went through some turmoil and breakups in the nineties. Vince Neil left the band in 1992 to some conflicting stories. Some say he quit, but Neil claims he was fired. Either way, he was not on their next album Motley Crue. Filling in on vocals was John Corabi.

Neil’s departure was not permanent, however, and he rejoined the band in 1997 and they released the album Generation Swine, which was a commercial failure, in large part due to the lack of backing from Elektra Records. They then promptly created Motley Records, their own record label, and have released their last three two albums on that label.

Motley Crue stated early in 2014 that they were going to break up. Currently, they are embarked on their final tour.

Motley Crue Discography

Too Fast for Love (1981)

Shout at the Devil (1983)

Theatre of Pain (1985)

Girls, Girls, Girls (1987)

Dr. Feelgood (1989)

Motley Crue (1994)

Generation Swine (1997)

New Tattoo (2000)

Saints of Los Angeles (2008)

Motley Crue Members

Mick Mars (lead guitar, backing vocals)

Nikki Sixx (bass guitar, keyboards, backing vocals)

Tommy Lee (drums, percussion, piano, backing vocals)

Vince Neil (lead guitar, rhythm guitar, harmonica)

Motley Crue Greatest Hits

1. “Shout at the Devil”

2. “Dr. Feelgood”

3. “Girls, Girls, Girls”

4. “Smokin’ in the Boy’s Room”

5. “Kickstart My Heart”

6. “Wild Side”

7. “Looks That Kill”

8. “Same Ol’ Situation”

9. “Too Fast For Love”

10. “Home Sweet Home”

Motley Crue Video