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Sienna's Mantram, Sienna's Mantram Review, Sienna's Mantram Or A Change Of Pace At China Lake, Zach Stephens, Kelly Webb, Stefanie Flamm, Amanda Barlow, James Arthur, Elizabeth Taylor, Frigid New York,

An Idyllic Getaway Proves Anything But in 'Sienna's Mantram'

This dramatic new short play takes the stage at FRIGID New York.

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  • #Blessed, #Blessed Review, FringeNYC, Zoe Kamil, Miranda Cornell, Semicolon Theatre Company, Anna Dale Robinson, Natasha Krause, Rebecca Lampiasi, Thaddeus Kolwicz, Marcus Shacknow, Ian Fields Stewart

    Christianity and Modern Adolescence Collide in '#Blessed'

    This riveting under-21 production makes waves at FringeNYC.

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  • Murder At The Food Coop, Murder At The Food Coop Review, Neo-Shtick Theater, FringeNYC, Gersh Kuntzman, Marc Dinkin, Eric Oleson, Alex Covington, Doug Chitel, Brittany Shaffer, Brian A. Mason, Alex King

    Inside Man Tells All at 'Murder at the Food Coop'

    What better show for FringeNYC this year than one that makes fun of Brooklyn hipsters?

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  • The Illusory Adventures Of A Dreamer, The Illusory Adventures Of A Dreamer Review, FringeNYC, Michael Bradley, Chris Goodrich, Corinne Britti, Taylor Turner, Scott Lilly, Molly Kelleher, Austin Jennings Boykin, Rhapsody Collective

    'Peer Gynt' Gets a New Look in 'The Illusory Adventures of a Dreamer'

    An unexpected adaptation of Ibsen's classic opens at FringeNYC.

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    The 7th Annual H.P. Lovecraft Festival, The 7th Annual H.P. Lovecraft Festival Review, Radiotheatre, Frigid New York, Horse Trade Theater Group, H.P. Lovecraft, R.Patrick Alberty, Chloe Lewis, David Neilsen, Dan Bianchi

    Welcome to October with 'The 7th Annual H.P. Lovecraft Festival'

    Live action voice acting brings Lovecraft's best and pulpiest to life.

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  • Kamikaze Cutesauce Cosplay Club, Kamikaze Cutesauce Cosplay Club Review, FringeNYC, Fringe Festival, New York International Fringe Festival, Quasimondo, The Celebration Of Whimsy, Brian Rott, Jenni Reinke, Thom Cauley, Kathryn Cesarz, Posy Knight

    'Kamikaze Cutesauce Cosplay Club': The Name Says It All

    Quasimondo brings a physical theater deconstruction of Japanese culture to the Fringe.

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  • Beware The Chupacabra, Beware The Chupacabra Review, R. Patrick Alberty, Christian De Gre, FringeNYC, New York International Fringe Festival, Fringe Festival Reviews, Mind The Art Entertainment, Vinnie Urdea, Charly Dannis, Robert Moreira, Everett O'Neill

    The '20s Go to Mexico in 'Beware the Chupacabra!'

    What if the legendary Chupacabra were real, and what if a young inventor let her speak?

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  • Schooled, Schooled Review, Lisa Lewis, FringeNYC, Fringe Festival, Fringe Festival Reviews, James Kautz, Robert Moss Theater, Quentin Mare, Stephen Friedrich, Lilli Stein

    'Schooled' in Screenwriting and Seduction

    Lisa Lewis' dynamic new play captures the tensions and scheming of an NYC film school.

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  • Night Of The Living, Night Of The Living Review, FringeNYC, Fringe Festival Reviews, New York International Fringe Festival, Dave Lankford, Jenny Beth Snyder, Belle Caplis, Eric Kuehnemann

    'Night of the Living' Draws Crowds at FringeNYC

    Lankford's play features a zombie apocalypse crossed with an intimate relationship struggle.

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