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Written in the Stars

by Photo of Natasha Benjamin

Tinie Tempah at MLB Fan Cave.

Written in the Stars

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Last night, UK met NYC and Tinie Tempah rocked out the MLB Fan Cave. Tinie Tempah emerged as a Nigerian British rapper in the mid-2000s and by 2010 his songs hit number one on UK charts. In 2006, he received so much airtime on British music channel, Channel AKA, for his song "Tears". In 2009 he signed to Parlophone Records and by 2010 he released his debut single "Pass Out". This single garnered so much attention locking him into the number one spot for two consecutive weeks and selling over 92,000 copies. Months after he release "Pass Out" he performed the song in Glastonbury along with Snoop Dogg. Tinie Tempah has skyrocketed within the industry since then. He has worked with Rihanna, Kelly Rowland, Usher, Wiz Khalifa and has won numerous awards like the BET Best International Act Award and Urban Music Best Hip Hop Act. It was only right for this artist to showcase his talent in the place that celebrates baseball and great music.
Fans, NYC residents and even those from the UK piled into the MLB Fan Cave to rock with Tinie Tempah. He performed about seven of his songs, where the crowd jumped up and down and rapped his lyrics with him. But nothing was crazier, when you saw the response from the crowd as he began to perform "Written in the Stars". This song became his second single to reach number one on the UK single charts and most importantly, its the 2011 official MLB postseason song.
"Oh, written in the stars a million miles away. A message to the main. Seasons come and go, but I will never change and I'm on my way". As Charged watch Tinie Tempah tear MLB Fan Cave down there is no doubt that he truly is on his way!

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