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Hey Bonus Families, "Here's Your Sign!"

by Photo of Michelle Bair

Comedian Bill Engvall forwards a children’s book that paints divorce in a positive light.

Hey Bonus Families,

Author Tami Butcher has taken the “step” out of “stepmom” with her new children’s book and help from comedian Bill Engvall. Painting divorce in a positive light, “My Bonus Mom!” draws experiences of Butcher’s life in a way that everyone can relate to. Having divorced and remarried parents of her own, the author shares a relevant and necessary story. According to Ahwatukee Foothills News, the book was forwarded by Engvall. Prior to distribution, Butcher sent him the book, and he contacted her to let her know he loved it.  “After that, I asked him if he would write the forward and he said, ‘Yes, of course,’” Butcher said to AFW. After the tremendous response she has received so far, Butcher plans to make it a series by adding “My Bonus Dad” and “My Bonus Daughter.”  “The whole premise it to put the book into a kid’s hands and change the term (stepmother) and change the idea into something positive,” she said. The book was picked up by Five Star Publications, Inc. and it now available at Barnes and Noble. It will soon be available at Amazon.com, Walmart.com and Target.com, AFW reported. In case you haven’t yet caught on, “Here’s your sign,” to see the comedian who made Butcher’s idea a reality. Engvall will be performing tomorrow at 8 p.m. in Morristown, New Jersey. For the best tickets to see him, head to charged.fm! 



html http://www.fivestarpublications.net/mybonusmom/tour


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