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NBA 2011: Dee: Lebron Getting the Point

by Photo of Tommy Dee

Hesitant at One Point, James Excelling at Lead Guard

NBA 2011: Dee: Lebron Getting the Point

During the Lebron-a-Thon of 2010, many people, including myself, envisioned Lebron James as the perfect point guard in a pick and roll (or pop) situation. When he decided to join forces with Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade in Miami, I was curious as to where he'd fit in offensively. And as we saw for the better part of the season, he seemed just as curious. I remember one game at the Garden against the Knicks where he was used almost exclusively in the post. Wait, what? Yes, that's right, as an on- the- block post player.

I've often defined James, physically, as Magic Johnson with Michael Jordan's athleticism and Karl Malone's strength. Before Sitting Bull chimed in. That's quiet a prototype. I imaged Lebron with Amar'e at Madison Square Garden as the modern day Stockton-Malone combination, before LBJ decided to take his talents...ugh, well you know. 

During Game there were moments of greatness. It was a pretty simple game plan at one point. Give Lebron the ball at the top of the key and let him create. Give him the occasional screen and let him go to work. The result was pretty effortless baskets in a series that has taken a ton of effort to get a shot up, let alone make it.  A handful of examples of Lebron shredding the Bulls defense getting Chris Bosh easy baskets. Bosh would lead the team with a oozingly-efficient  34 points on just 18 field goals, but it was James 10 assists and zero, that's right, zero turnovers, that literally stole the show. That's a minimum of 20 points without giving up a possession.  

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I guess he and head coach Erik Spoelestra are finally getting the point and with LBJ at the point, the HEAT look primed to head to the NBA Finals. 

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