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Watch Dave Chappelle Watch Nate Robinson Impersonate Him in the Warriors Locker Room

by Photo of Andrew Lontos

Here’s video of Chappelle in the Warriors locker room after their victory against the Clippers.

Watch Dave Chappelle Watch Nate Robinson Impersonate Him in the Warriors Locker Room

The problem with being one of the funniest comedians of the modern era is that, when people see you, they want to do your bits. After all, it’s the first time (and possibly the only time) they’ll ever get to be around you, and their immediate reaction is to start doing that thing you did that one time.

Last night, after the Warriors big win over the Clippers, Chappelle visited the Golden State locker room. And, sure enough, a guy who saw him had to start doing one of his characters  (the Rasta impostor from Half Baked). That guy was, of course, Warriors guard Nate Robinson. Here’s video, and be sure to listen for Nate’s Chappelle impression in the background (Dave was being a good sport about it, it should be pointed out).

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I don't get the feeling that Chappelle was too thrilled about Nate's performance, but it was nice of him to force a smile and a couple laughs. By the way, it just makes too much sense that it was Nate Robinson drawing too much attention to himself.

Seeing Chappelle in this video, no matter how brief, makes me miss laughing so hard I couldn't breathe at both his show and standup. On behalf of everyone, can we get some more Dave Chappelle back in our lives?


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