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Cowboys Flip Out on Reporter For Asking About Sam Hurd (Video)

by Photo of Andrew Lontos

Jay Ratliff was so upset with a reporter that he had to be restrained in the locker room.

Cowboys Flip Out on Reporter For Asking About Sam Hurd (Video)

Former Cowboys and Bears wide receiver Sam Hurd is allegedly a top drug dealer in Chicago whose clients include many NFL players. How would his former teammates react when asked about his situation? Well... 

At least it was inevitable in the case of Cowboys defensive lineman Jay Ratliff. Ratliff, who played with Hurd from 2006 through last season, got asked about his old teammate on Friday by Calvin Watkins of ESPN Dallas. We’re not sure what happened between whatever the initial question was and what you see below, but suffice to say things didn’t end well.

We’re especially curious about what happened because in the aftermath, Watkins expressed regret about his conduct. He said he wished he’d just walked away, so maybe he responded in kind when Ratliff got confrontational? Also, by not walking away, Watkins displayed some brass ones, since Ratliff is not a small man. Either way, the next interaction between these two (which will likely happen sooner rather than later, if it hasn’t already, since Watkins works the Cowboys beat) will probably be a little awkward.

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It's really impossible to judge the situation without knowing what Watkins said. But Ratliff has no right to be angry about a Sam Hurd question. That has to be expected. Unless he was provoked, why couldn't he just give a boring, cliche answer like most athletes?

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