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Tom Coughlin "Sick to My Stomach" Over Ballard's Non-TD Catch

by Photo of Andrew Lontos

Coughlin is upset that referee Jeff Triplette didn’t overturn Ballard’s catch.

Tom Coughlin

In fact, Coughlin said he was shown indisputable evidence of Ballard having the ball, a still image from the TV broadcast that clearly shows the ball in Ballard’s hands with his knee down in the end zone.

I just saw a picture which made me sick to my stomach, which FOX produced and showed, that he’s in,” Coughlin said. “Don’t ask me about that because I really don’t know why, but I did see the picture.”

Mike Pereira, the former NFL V.P. of officiating who now analyzes the rules for FOX, said during the replay review that Coughlin should win the challenge, because Ballard was inbounds. But referee Jeff Triplette let the play stand as called, an incomplete pass.

It's tough to blame the loss on an incident that occurred in the first quarter because there was a lot of football played after the call. But in fairness, it cost the Giants four points and they lost by three.

And why are referees so awful in every sport? It must be a really difficult job, but the truth is they impact the game so much and are just so wrong so often. Even replay can't save them.

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