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Dee: NBA Playoffs 2011: Why the HEAT Will Win Game 2

by Photo of Tommy Dee

If the HEAT can control defensive glass, they will even the series at a game a piece

Dee: NBA Playoffs 2011: Why the HEAT Will Win Game 2

If I'm Miami HEAT coach Erik Spoelstra, I've told my team over the past few days that this is the game they've wanted all along. Game 1 was about emotion and energy and the home crowd, but that can wear off with a great Game 2 performance.

Think about it. The Bulls did everything right. They defended, they landed loose balls, they made huge plays. Add up all of those things and what you have is contagious team play.

The Law of Averages tells you that C.J. Watson is not a dagger shooting threat. It lets you know Omer Asik isn't a dominating post presence on both ends. If players like that continue to make plays and carry the starter's minutes and production, then the HEAT will be looking at a short series. Again, if I'm Spoelstra, I'm looking right into the eyes of the Dwyane Wade and Lebron James and I'm asking them if they are going to allow the Bulls bench to manage 11 made field goals. That's one LESS THAN Wade (7) and James (5) made for THE GAME.

That was the difference and that's excluding the 4 free throws the bench made, several coming from "and 1" completions.

You can talk about defense all you want. If those 11 shots don't go in, the Bulls don't have 11 chances to get 5 defenders back in transition, which is exactly what happens when the ball goes in the basket because it takes time to in bounds it. Few teams, with the exception of maybe the HEAT themselves, can score so quickly off makes and it is a rarity in the post season.

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The key then is to control the defensive glass, a huge advantage for the Bulls in Game 1 DESPITE making so many shots. The Bulls created more opportunities for role players to make shots because they secured 19 offensive rebounds.

Again, if the Heat don't control the glass and keep the Bulls bench from physically making shots, they will be in a position to finish the game down the stretch. And as we saw in Games 3 and 4 of the Celtics series, James has proven he can do that when it matters.

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