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Botox, Lipo and Jokes—OH MY!

by Photo of Michelle Bair

Despite her dangerous past with plastic, Griffin insists that she needs it.

Botox, Lipo and Jokes—OH MY!

Apparently almost dying from complications after liposuction isn’t enough to hold a woman back from plastic surgery—particularly for reality and stand-up star Kathy Griffin.  During the production of The Green Room with Paul Provenza, the comic opened up about her plastic surgery adventures.

Griffin said that she feels pressure to look a certain way, regardless of comedy’s reputation as a “less glamorous” aspect of the entertainment industry. She told Digital Spy that “stars without makeup” and similar types of coverage bother her.

“So I went to the dentist,” Griffin said. “That’s my code, and I got a root canal and filling.”    She said that most female comedians get plastic surgery because at the core, they still want to be funny and pretty.

“I do it because I want to be funny and pretty,” the celeb-dishing lady said.

Open to questions about her procedures in the past, Griffin said she has had everything done except her boobs.  

Perhaps the trash-talking comedienne is a bit paranoid that the jokes are on her. After all, she can certainly dish it out—but can she take it?

Witness the plastic-blasting funny girl in real life and decide for yourself: How pretty, exactly, does this kind of surgery make a person? She will be performing in Nashville tomorrow night.   Personally, I prefer to see emotion on a face that isn’t shielded with Botox—but if plastic is your “thing” and you don’t mind a bit of controversy, get your tickets to see Griffin at charged.fm!





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