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Pete RG Talks Creating 'Lightning Strikes' EP, Spring 2015 Tour and More

by Photo of Elizabeth Ramanand

Pete RG strikes eardrums and emotions with his new musical effort ‘Lightning Strikes.’

Pete RG Talks Creating 'Lightning Strikes' EP, Spring 2015 Tour and More

Singer, song-writer Pete RG recently released his latest disc Lightning Strikes which was recorded in his personal studio in California. We got to talk to him about the creation of his new musical effort, what inspired it and bringing his deep, smooth, post rock sound out on the road for music fans to listen to live.

Check out a full list of tour dates where you can catch Pete RG as well as the lyric video for his new song “Still Here” at the bottom of the interview.

Talk about Lightning Strikes and what this title means to you?

Lightning Strikes is drawn from the song, “Still Here”. It refers to a moment of awareness, understanding and acceptance. Effectively, it’s an epiphany. In this particular case, it’s a moment of recognizing all the BS in life for what it really is and discarding it.

What usually inspired your lyrics for this EP?

I was inspired by feelings and events in my life. Writing lyrics is a cathartic and clarifying process. Cathartic, in that I am getting to, and letting out, my emotions. Clarifying, in that I am forced to hone in on the fundamental meaning of those emotions. Some people meditate. Some people drink beers. I write songs.

How was the recording and creative process for you to making this EP?

Because Brina [Kabler, multi-instrumentalist/co-producer] and I have our own recording studio, we have endless hours to create and explore. This is a blessing. But, it can also be a distraction. So we’ve learned that we’re better served by having me get the writing of a song well along before recording begins. The writing and creative process for Lightning Strikes followed this routine.

The melodies, chord changes and most of the lyrics for each song were written before recording began. Once a song was well developed, we brought in the band to collaborate on where to take it.

You’re gearing up for a tour in March, what for you is the most challenging and rewarding part about hitting the road?

There are a lot of moving parts involved in putting a band on the road. Keeping all those parts moving in sync is the most challenging. This is especially true with travel arrangements. But, staying physically and mentally healthy, while overseeing those moving parts, is a close 2nd! The most rewarding part of hitting the road is the “Mr. Toad's Wild Ride” adventure it brings!

What is one non-electronic that you must have on tour with you? Why?

Earplugs, for sleeping!

What are some dream artists of yours that you would love to tour with?

U2, The National, Arcade Fire, War On Drugs, Radiohead, My Morning Jacket, Band Of Horses, Leonard Cohen, Bruce Springsteen and Heartless Bastards to name a few. I love all these artists. They’ve all inspired me in one way or another. Plus, I’d love to see them live from the edge of the stage.

With Lightning Strikes released, what can we expect from you for the rest of 2015?

I’ll have a follow up EP in the late summer; probably August. Some of those songs are already recorded while others are still in the writing stage. I’m sure we’ll be touring in the fall in support of the follow up EP.

Watch the Lyric Video for "Still Here" By Pete RG:

Pete RG 2015 Tour Dates:

3/03 – San Diego, CA -- Soda Bar
3/04 – Los Angeles, CA -- The Mint
3/05 – San Francisco, CA -- 50 Mason Social House
3/07 – Portland, OR -- McMenamin’s White Eagle Saloon & Hotel
3/08 – Ballard, WA -- Sunset Tavern
3/24 – Boston, MA -- The Midway Café
3/25 – New York, NY -- Pianos
3/26 – Philadelphia, PA -- North Star Bar
4/13 – Minneapolis, MN -- 7th Street Entry
4/14 – Chicago, IL -- Empty Bottle
4/15 – Indianapolis, IN -- The Melody Inn
4/16 – Cleveland, OH -- Wilbert's

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