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Your New Coach of the Sacramento Kings is George Karl

by Photo of Ankit Ahuja

Sacramento locked up one of the top coaches on the market to guide the team.

Your New Coach of the Sacramento Kings is George Karl

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Finally, the Sacramento Kings have done something correctly. After completely and utterly failing with the firing of head coach Mike Malone, the Kings decided to alienate another coach as well. After saying interim head coach Tyrone Corbin would finish out the year, owner Vivek Ranadive decided he wanted to make yet another switch. The only positive that comes out of this is the coach they are getting. George Karl, a man that has seen it all in the NBA, is going to take over a talented Kings roster that just needs some semblance of leadership and stability. Karl finalized a four-year contract worth $14.5 million to join Sacramento.

This job is right up Karl’s alley. He has taken bad teams and turned them around before. He has worked with young superstars like Carmelo Anthony and Gary Payton and gotten the best out of each. With the Seattle Sonics, he made the playoffs each year and was able to get to the finals. With the Nuggets, he guided them to the playoffs all nine years he was there, including a conference finals trip in 08-09. Since being fired in 2013, Karl has been longing to get back in the game.

The Kings, similar to those Nuggets and Sonics teams, have a young superstar in DeMarcus Cousins. Cousins is as talented as any big man in the league. The one knock on him throughout his career, though, has been his attitude. But who is to say that is all his fault. The Kings have been wrong in their handling of Cousins. There is a reason he hasn’t reached his full potential as of yet. The instability in the organization has been so excessive, that Cousins hasn’t been able to get the best out of himself. In his fifth year in the league, Karl is going to be Cousins’ fifth head coach. That type of instability in an organization will lead to defiance and stagnation, yet Cousins is still an All-Star this season.

The question many have about the George Karl hiring, is the timing of it. Why do it midseason when he will still be there in the summer? Bringing in Karl would likely win more games, but at the end of the day, in the stacked western conference, it is better to get a higher draft pick rather than win meaningless games. For the Kings, they didn’t want to lose Karl. With the Orlando Magic having a coaching vacancy, and reportedly interested in Karl, the Kings wanted to lock him up.

Although it was reported that there was some resistance from Cousins’ camp, Cousins has said that he supports the move for Karl. The Kings need to get better in the front office before they can get better on the court. The front office needs to be more unified and stable. A key component in this situation is the attitude of Karl. Karl has been a model of stability wherever he has gone. He would be the right man for many jobs in the NBA, but the Kings are just lucky that he fell into their lap.    

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