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AMC Theaters Presents Oscar Best Picture Showcase for Moviegoers

by Photo of April Baptiste-Brown

AMC Theaters offers fans a chance to see all eight Oscar nominated films for the Best Picture category.

AMC Theaters Presents Oscar Best Picture Showcase for Moviegoers

The Academy announced the eight nominees that made the cut for the Best Picture award at this year’s upcoming Oscar ceremony. Birdman, American Sniper, The Theory of Everything, Selma, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Boyhood, The Imitation Game and Whiplash are the nominees. With that in mind, AMC Theaters has once again announced that they would be holding their Best Picture Showcase so that avid moviegoers can watch all the nominated films before Oscar night.

There are two options to view the showcase: you can split the movies between two consecutive Saturdays leading up to the Academy Awards or you can watch all eight films in one glorious 24-hour marathon event. The two-day event is being offered in various theaters in different states across the country with 4 movies playing on each day, whereas as the 24-hour binge watching saga is only offered in a total of 6 theaters in the U.S.

The perks of this movie experience as opposed to watching each film separately is that you’re in the same theater ALL DAY. (Like in the same theater in the same seats with the same people for 10 hours…WHAT?!) Each movie plays with a break of 15 minutes or longer in between the next film, plus you can leave or enter after each movie as you please (granted you have the pass for the event). 

Furthermore, if you’d like to go to the 24-hour marathon (if it’s not being held at a theater near you) you can nominate your local theater to host it. If you get 100 people to reserve tickets for the event, it will officially be held at that theater. If at least 100 people cannot reserve tickets, the event will be cancelled and no one will incur charges. (YAY to perks with no risk!) Translation: Watching a bunch of movies with your friends in your living room except…at the movie theaters. Where else can you get such leniency and joy from theaters? Only at this annual AMC event.

The two-day showcase is taking place on Saturday February 14th and 21st, and the movie marathon will begin on February 21st (at select locations). You can find more information about the showcase here.

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Check out the trailer for Birdman:

Check out the trailer for The Grand Budapest Hotel:

Check out the trailer for Whiplash:

Check out the trailer for Boyhood:

Check out the trailer for Selma:

Check out the trailer for The Theory of Everything:

Check out the trailer for The Imitation Game:

Check out the trailer for American Sniper:

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