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How You Doin' Wendy?

by Photo of Jillian Ryan

Talk show host Wendy Williams is hitting the road to reach out to her fans and get into some fun activites with her wig head Shakeetha.

How You Doin' Wendy?

Do you "say it like you mean it"? Are you always "shouting it out"? Well I have some exciting news for you. Your favorite radio to TV personality Wendy Williams has just announced that she will be touring and her fans across the country will be able to come and see her show LIVE in various cities. Williams is leaving her decked out pink New York studio to say thank you to her countless fans across America. The young, old and even new fans will finally have the chance to ask Wendy "How you doin'?"
Excited yet? Well so are we! She's will be hitting the road for the "Say It Like You Mean It Summer Tour" on August 4th, 2011 and her first stop will be Miami Florida where her parents currently reside. Wendy will be also be bringing her wig head Shakeetha along for the journey. We can only imagine what or who the pair will meet and what antics await them on this cross country journey. Of course Wendy will be keeping us up to date on the latest celebrity gossip with her Hot Topics segments, visiting local malls and she will also be guest judging at some American Idol auditions. But until then check out some of the celebrity rappers, comedians, and singers performances that have been the star of 'Hot Topics' to see if they live up to their "messy" ways. And remember to let get you the best seats to the show.

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