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Shayna Leigh Tour Diary: The Midwest

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

From the kindness of strangers to Twitter friends and vegan diners, Shayna tells us about the Midwest.

Shayna Leigh Tour Diary: The Midwest

In this article…

Singer Shayna Leigh is currently out on tour with Sister Hazel. During this time, Shayna will provide CHARGED.fm an exclusive look at her life on the road with a Tour Diary. Here is her third of four diary entries.

This week we headed to the Midwest. Cleveland. Indianapolis. Chicago.

I’ve never played the Midwest before. I’ve actually only been a couple of times. So this was going to be a whole new world for me. And a LOT MORE DRIVING.

Fun things you will discover when you head west:

• What Google maps tells you is a seven hour drive one day can be a nine hour drive the next day… even if there’s no traffic. 
• Tolls are WAY less expensive going westward. 
• Musicians have lots of friends who are musicians. When you run out of songs to listen to… you will start listening to friends of friends of friends’ bands.
• Rice cakes are delicious. But they leave a lot of crumbs.
• If you accidentally leave your credit card (or someone else’s) at a restaurant on the road it will set you back at least 10 minutes.
• If you unknowingly drop your wallet in a parking lot in Cleveland, someone will return it to you before you even know it’s missing.
• The Music Box in Cleveland has DELICIOUS food. It will be a feast to remember.
• It is possible to forget what day it is onstage… You may ask everyone how their Thursday is going… only to have an audience member remind you that it is Wednesday.
• The Embassy Suites in Indianapolis has a swimming pool. And some sort of garden/jungle in the lobby.
• The Vogue in Indianapolis will put your name in lights directly under Sister Hazel’s name. It will be one of the most exciting moments of your life so far.
• You will give interviews in tiny green rooms, stairwells, offices, and venue lobbies. You will be consistently impressed by the kindness, openness, and intelligence of everyone you have the opportunity to talk to.
• Good coffee is hard to find. You will drive many miles to get some. Your coffee-loving, Williamsburg-residing keyboard player will make many friends at said coffee shop.
• You may meet up with someone you met on twitter who you now consider a friend. She will take your band to a delicious vegetarian diner with almond milk lattes.
• Traffic in Chicago is legit. It may take you 15 minutes to go 2 blocks.
• The Chicago House of Blues feels as iconic as it seems. The staff is amazing. The coat check guy will want to take a picture with you. You will feel beyond humbled to walk on that stage.
• You will be a different person than you were when this began. There will have been amazing moments and tough moments and long drives and the truth is, you wouldn’t trade a single second of it!

Look for Shayna's final tour entry tomorrow where she shares her road trip playlist that has provided the soundtrack for her and Sister Hazel while on tour.

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