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Shayna Leigh Tour Diary: What I've Learned on Tour

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

From the importance of food to double-checking the GPS, here are a few things Shayna’s picked up.

Shayna Leigh Tour Diary: What I've Learned on Tour

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Singer Shayna Leigh is currently out on tour with Sister Hazel. During this time, Shayna will provide CHARGED.fm an exclusive look at her life on the road with a Tour Diary. Here is her first of three diary entries.

I just finished my first week on the road with Sister Hazel! I LOVE IT. But let’s be honest… it can be insane, an adventure to say the least. You essentially have to get from one city to another each day in your van (a mini van in our case- which is both adorable and hilarious) stuffed to the brim with various oddly shaped instrument cases in true Tetris fashion, and what you will find is that a different thing goes somehow slightly wrong every day and it is your job to figure out how to make it work! Then when you finally arrive at your destination, you get to introduce your music to a room full of new people who (if you’re the opening act) aren’t sure that they like you yet. This is something I was really excited for. Sure, it’s a challenge. But I desperately want the opportunity to play in front of a room full of music-lovers, so I am very much up for it!

In a lot of ways I feel like I’ve become a different person this week. I learned and was reminded of things I didn’t even know I didn’t know. Here are just a few:


• Musicians LOVE music. And have a LOT OF IT to play while you drive. Our car sounded like everything from “An Evening of Motown” to the sounds of the rainforest.
• The route without tolls is often the scenic route. The toll free drive from Boston to New Hampshire is BREATHTAKING.
• Tolls to get to and from Philly are NO JOKE.
• Sister Hazel’s fans (the Hazelnuts) are as a general rule INCREDIBLY KIND and LOVELY and WELCOMING. It’s been a gift to get to play for them.
• Nothing will revitalize a group of road trippers (which is essentially what touring is- a road trip with music!) like a night in a fancy hotel. We stayed in the Taj in Boston for a night. I’m pretty sure we all fell in love with the robes and slippers…. I also found some free fruit to “steal”…
• You must take advantage of things that are FREE.
• Having someone on hand who’s familiar with the city in you’re in to make dining decisions is a welcome gift. (Tory, our guitarist, knows Boston well. I had the BEST almond milk latte at this place called Pavement and the boys all got some delicious Mexican food at Amelia’s.)
• The Flying Monkey, where we played in Plymouth, NH, will feed you DELCIOUS home cooked food. And they can make your meal gluten free. And they are next door to a health food store.
• It is possible to have a car full of male musicians who eat healthier than you do.
• FOOD IS EVERYTHING whilst on tour.
• Sister Hazel and their team are on it. They are pros. They do right by their fans every single night. And they all do seem to genuinely like each other onstage and off.
• Sometimes they put signs on the highway saying there’s a gas station at the next exit and when you get off it is nowhere to be found.
• There are often repeat street addresses. So double check that the address you put in your GPS BEFORE you drive.
• What’s more… there are often multiple venues with the same name in the same state. So double check the city associated with the venue lest you end up at the wrong place. (Which we may or may not have done…)
• The only solution for the above problem is being INCREDIBLY EARLY whenever possible. It will save your butt!
• There is nothing more amazing than watching a room full of people listen to their favorite band. Anyone who has ever doubts the healing powers of music clearly has never seen anything like this.

Be sure to look out for the final entry of Shayna's Tour Diary right here on CHARGED.fm the Magazine in the near future!

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