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Nets Defeat the Knicks in the Battle for New York

by Photo of Josh Bombart

The Brooklyn Nets defeat their cross-bridge rivals the New York Knicks

Nets Defeat the Knicks in the Battle for New York

The battle for who would reign supreme as New York’s number one basketball team commenced earlier this week when the New York Knicks took on the Brooklyn Nets in what many consider to be the best venue in professional basketball, Madison Square Garden.  The Nets easily beat the Knicks in their first meeting (110 – 99). Up to the date both teams have performed poorly during the early NBA season and have loosing records to show for it (Knicks at 4-15 and the Nets slightly better at 8-9).

In the last five years there has been a lot of hype surrounding both teams as acquisitions were made on the rosters and in the front office. This season the Knicks most notably acquired Phil Jackson to command the front office as the general manager and added one of Jackson’s former players Derek Fisher to coach the team. In doing so Phil Jackson’s revolutionary offensive scheme the triangle offense, was to be implemented. Thus far the new system has not been a success and the Knicks offense has been anything but fluid. The Nets are currently looking at the playoff picture as a team looking to steal one of the higher seeds. Mikhail Prokhorov a Russian billionaire and owner of the Nets, is now gauging interest of potential buyers for the team. It was only two years ago when Prokhorov guaranteed a championship for the franchise by 2015, stating that if they didn’t win the title he would get married. Prokhorov was asked about his marriage remark to which he replied that he was joking.

Both teams have been looking to build momentum after getting off to rocky starts. Being that the season is young, both teams have time to improve their records to make the playoffs and build chemistry within their organizations. What better way to build that chemistry than playing your cross-bridge rivals. To start the game the Nets immediately got off to a hot start going ahead of the Knicks 27 – 18 by the end of the first quarter. The Knicks would make it a game though facing a 3 point deficit (NYK93-BKN96) with 41 seconds left in the game. Ultimately the Knicks had an opportunity to send the game to overtime but would come up short after a missed 3-point shot from Carmelo Anthony.

The teams will face off two more times during the regular season. As of now the Brooklyn Nets is clearly the better team. While the Nets are leading the Knicks in division and in the standings, it's early enough in the season for the Knicks to contend with the Nets for a Playoff birth. Only time will tell who will be crowned the best professional basketball team in New York

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