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Artist of the Month – November 2014: Sinkane

by Photo of Elizabeth Ramanand

Sinkane is CHARGED.fm’s November’s Artist of the Month!

Artist of the Month – November 2014: Sinkane

Sinkane, also known as Ahmed Gallab, talentedly blends various genres of cultures and music. Coming from a Sudanese background and living in Brooklyn, Gallab transforms his experiences and ideas to a whole new level with his album Mean Love. His unique sound and depth are just a couple of reasons why Sinkane is CHARGED.fm’s Artist of the Month for November.

Gallab talks about his new disc Mean Love, “It’s kind of similar to tough love and finding ways to shed all of the layers that distance you from enjoying and loving. I feel like a lot of the songs, the stories, the meanings that I’m talking about on the record are things that I’ve held in and never really addressed honestly and I’ve dealt with on my own. This is me honest and sincere about a lot of things, at the end of the day it was a very therapeutic and cathartic process.”

He goes on to say, “I started all on my own, I worked with my friend Greg Lofaro he’s the co-producer I spent a lot of time on my computer scratching the ideas to the songs. Then I bring them to a studio to record with my bandmates and an engineer where we flush out the final steps.”

Gallab gives some insight about his cultural upbringing, “I’ve lived in Brooklyn for a while but I’m from Sudan – I grew up there, my family is still living there, I still have a house there. I haven’t been back in a while but it’s definitely home to me. I was born in London, then I lived in Sudan and then I moved to the United States.”

He expresses that he’s known his passion for music from a young age and the support of his parents heightened that. “When I was 11-years-old I played my first show. My family has always been supportive of this; they came to the United States for more opportunities for their children. I think they wanted to take full advantage of that and the resources in the United States. They’ve always been really supportive.”

He talks about a variety of musical inspiration, “I’m more influenced by East African music, Somalian, Ethiopian and Sudanese, a pretty heavy dose of folk, reggae, I grew up with that kind of stuff. I feel like when I started my project and I was searching for my voice that was the music I came back to.”

Gallab talks about the type of music he makes, “It’s feel good music. A lot of the ideas and influences that I have like soul music, African, West Indies – those types of music make me feel good. I want to bring them all together to bring that kind of feel good music.”

When speaking with Gallab he expressed interest in touring with bands like The Black Keys, Caribou and Spiritualized. He explains an influential and early concert experience, “I remember seeing Spiritualized when I was 17 that made me realize the capability of a live show, a really dynamic live show. I didn’t know the band before but I was completely captivated by the show. I saw them perform and it made me want to create even more and perform.”

With a heap of touring coming up in promotion of Mean Love, when we asked Gallab what he needed on tour, he humorously stated, “Peanut Butter and bananas, if we don’t have it in the van then we feel like a Koala without eucalyptus and we get really angry.”

Having peanut butter and bananas on tour makes sense in his case, besides music Gallab has a true love for food. “I like to eat a lot. I like mixing food, the older I get the more passionate I get about it. I like to think of recipes and try to perfect it. I’ve been spending time doing that more and more.”

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Check out Sinkane's Video for his Latest Track "How We Be"

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