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Ray Rice banned from NFL Indefinitely On Domestic Violence Dispute

by Photo of Connor McCollum

As the Ray Rice saga comes to an end, questions about the NFL’s handling of the issue loom.

Ray Rice banned from NFL Indefinitely On Domestic Violence Dispute

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The physical evidence in the Ray Rice saga has surfaced. Despite the physical evidence and footage, there are still some questions to be raised. Perhaps the biggest of them all is how did TMZ get their hands on the elevator camera footage of Ray Rice striking his wife before the NFL?

When NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell first suspended Ray Rice for two games, many players and coaches in the NFL believed the suspension was far too soft as domestic violence is a very serious and unforgiving offense. It was only until the TMZ video footage leaked that the NFL stomped down on Rice’s suspension.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the scenario involving Ray Rice is how outspoken his wife was after Rice was suspended indefinitely. Janay Rice lashed out against the media on Tuesday on their handling of the story. Mrs. Rice thought the media had no business showing the clip of the couple in the elevator where Rice struck her. It wasn’t until the TMZ clip was sold and shown on major television networks that the NFL decided to increase Rice’s suspension from two games to indefinite.

News surfaced that the NFL was sent the video in April. In Goodell’s defense, if he happened to see the video when the NFL received it in April, than surely Goodell would not have settled with only a two game ban given the content of the video.

Many people believe that Goodell should be punished for not acting responsibly and timely in regards to the Ray Rice domestic dispute. It remains to be seen if the NFL will take action towards Goodell. As a result of the Ray Rice saga, the NFL increased the severity of its domestic violence policy - an automatic six game suspension for first time offense, immediate suspension for a second offense.

The earliest Rice is allowed to apply for reinstatement into the NFL after an indefinite suspension would be during the 2015 off season. We'll be watching to see how this unfolds.

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