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'Star Wars: Episode VII' Update: You Can Visit The Set AND Be In The Movie!?

by Photo of Matthew Golda

JJ Abrams offers fans of ‘Star Wars’ the opportunity of a lifetime.

'Star Wars: Episode VII' Update: You Can Visit The Set AND Be In The Movie!?

While Star Wars: Episode VII is still over a year away from being released, it still manages to find its way into the headlines. So, what's the news today? JJ Abrams is on set in Abu Dhabi and released a video stating that you can win a chance to visit the set of Star Wars - the set in London - AND land a role in it as well. On top of that, you get an advanced screening of the movie, so you can see it before all of your friends. 

Oh, wait, it's a private screening? And in your hometown? And you can invite 20 of your friends and family? Sheesh. It's a package sure to bring joy to any Star Wars fan, or pretty much anyone for that matter. All you have to do is support Force For Change. Easy enough.

To enter, visit www.omaze.com/StarWars. And, honestly, why wouldn't you enter? It's for a good cause!

But about that X-Wing behind JJ. I know there have been reports about how "real" this movie is going to be and how it is going back to the roots of Star Wars by using sets and models, which was mostly absent in the prequels. It excites me to no end to see just how true those reports are from tiny videos like this. I don't need much to get excited and a rebel pilot walking to his X-Wing fighter with an MSE-6-series repair droid rolling by gets me very excited. This movie will be here before you know it!

Want great tickets but hate paying fees? Check CHARGED.fm to find tickets for less and NO FEES!

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