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'Horrible Bosses 2' Teaser Trailer Release

by Photo of Astrid Hall

Jennifer Anniston pulls out her sexy side once again for the Horrible Bosses sequel

'Horrible Bosses 2' Teaser Trailer Release

Three years after the initial Horrible Bosses film release comes the trailer for the sequel, Horrible Bosses 2.

When a film such a Horrible Bosses hits the big screen, a story of three employees who seek to destroy their evidently 'horrible bosses', you can't really imagine how you can produce a sequel to an already mostly absurd film idea.

From the appearance of the sequel's trailer it would seem that the film is incorporating the same characters with a new, crazy idea that is barely related to the previous harebrained scheme. 

This time around, Nick, Dale and Kurt played by Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis decide to start their own business but because of a slick investor, the gang have to formulate a plan to kidnap someone; just to keep things interesting.  

Jennifer Anniston returns (of course) as the raunchy man-eater whose character takes bedroom talk to a whole new level.

This would probably have been an alright film in it's own right but needs the little bit of background from the previous movie to assist to the plot. The film's epic cast, with the addition of Chris Pine and Christoph Waltz, is still sure to attract viewers to the box office. 

In all, it follows the same pattern as most sequels; similar plot themes and characters taken on a gently different route that really isn't anything special or memorable.

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