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Astronautics Album [Review]

by Photo of Astrid Hall

We take a look at the Cayey Puerto Rico-based band’s latest album.

Astronautics Album [Review]

Astronautics new album, released April 26th 2014, is not your typical compilation. It submerges you into an array of mixed up sounds that, together, work.

The overall theme of the album has an essence of The Strokes meets Jimmy Hendrix guitar solos. Each song combines structured and unique percussion with a joyous collection of guitar aural beauty.

Astronautics is a band based in Cayey Puerto Rico and was created on January 1st, 2013. After playing in a number of bands on the island, songwriter Neal Chris decided to make a band of his own. Astronautics have since released their first single "Mistake", which is one of the tracks featured on this album. The song helped them achieve great critical acclaim and their future plans include promoting their new album, touring outside of the island Puerto Rico, filming their second official video and working for a major record label.

Each song has its own style, with a variety of riffs and rhythms within each song. This an album that just keeps moving but with a manageable amount of energy. The second to last track, "Shake It" starts with a bluesy-feel but quickly picks up into a cool swing with a nice tempo and bounce.

From the start, the album progresses into a clear mix of musical style, but one that is also perfectly consistent. The lyrics throughout the album are simplistic and two of the tracks, "Jam #14" and "Intro", don't contain lyrics at all. "Intro" and "ITs Alright" have a more psychedelic tone. "ITs Alright", in particular, has got an upbeat tempo but in a chilled indie way with some fast-paced percussion that mildly resembles a Red Hot Chili Peppers style of sound.

"Everybody Know" is a track of complete chaos, but it works. The chorus dips into a slight country feel but the tempo is quite catchy and intriguing. Along with "Everybody Know", as one of my favorites from this album, is "Not Enough". Another song with a lovely chorus build but does not over power the song as a whole. The track has an assorted collection of rhythms and guitar solos that work for this bands particular style.

There isn't a single track that I could pick fault with. However, the strictly music only tracks may not appeal to everyone as they can, at first, appear repetitive and limited, but if you listen the whole way through there is are some intriguing sounds to pick out.

The album as a whole piece is structured yet completely diverse. When listened to in full, the tracks actually merge into one another, giving it consistency. It is a perfect reflection of true, chaotic indie-styled music with no rules or boundaries.

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