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World Cup Preview: Argentina vs Bosnia-Herzegovina

by Photo of Matthew Golda

Lionel Messi and Argentina start their quest for World Cup glory against Bosnia-Herzegovina

World Cup Preview: Argentina vs Bosnia-Herzegovina

Argentina are heavy favorites entering this group stage, but if any team is going to give the Argentines any trouble early on, Bosnia-Herzegovina is that team. Argentina has a trio of forwards that look to propel this squad deep into the tournament. Lionel Messi is the main course, but Sergio Aguero and Gonzalo Higuain are pretty fantastic appetizers. However, Bosnia-Herzegovina plays a style of ball fairly similar to the Argentines, as both groups are offensive minded. If the first few days are any indication of the amount of goals we are to expect, than this should prove to be an entertaining affair. 

There is an enormous amount of pressure on Messi to play like he does on Barcelona, as his international play hasn't quite been on that level yet. Expectations are high for this Argentina team, mostly because Messi has moves for days:

No European team has ever won a World Cup on South American soil. This news bodes well for Messi and Co., as they look to win their first World Cup since 1986. Bosnia-Herzegovina, on the other hand, has never even qualified for a World Cup since they gained their independence in 1992 (formerly played under Yugoslavia). They made it to a playoff for the 2010 World Cup, but lost to Portugal on an arrogate score of 2-0. So, this is all going to be very new for this team. Let's break this down a little further:

Key Players

Angel Di Maria, Argentina

Most of the talk concerning this team starts and ends with Messi. Hard to argue that logic since he is the best player in the world, but he won't be able to win a World Cup on his own. No one is that good. Di Maria mans the midfield in the Argentine's aggressive offensive system. He has world class stamina and will be all over the pitch distributing the ball. If Argentina plays well, look no further than Di Maria's commanding work in the midfield.

Edin Dzeko, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Bosnia-Herzegovina, like Argentina, plays a lot of offense and it all starts with Dzeko. The 6'4" striker has the scoring touch, which could prove vital against the high scoring Argentines. Dzeko also has the ability to use his size against a smaller squad like Argentina and can cause havoc in the box. You know, havoc like this.

Best Name

Argentina: Pablo Zabaleta

Bosnia-Herzegovina: Tino-Sven Susic

Middle European names are some sort of fantastic mess and mix of letters. Tino-Sven has a calling to one of my favorite baseball players of all time, Tino Martinez, combined with the classic Nordic first-name Sven. The names on the Bosnia-Herzegovic team are a stark contrast to the Argentine names, which are smooth and beautiful. The best of the group has to be Argentina's Pablo Zabaleta. Rarely does a name with the letter "Z" roll off the tongue so fluently. So, slight edge to the Argentines in this one.

Advantage: Argentina

Best Kits

Argentina Kits:

Bosnia-Herzegovina Kits:

Bold move by the Bosnians to go into the World Cup with only one jersey, and boy is it a plain one. What could you expect from a team playing in its first ever World Cup? This one is Argentina in a landslide. Argentina's classic light-blue striped kit is up there with the most iconic kits in football. I don't know, there is just something about that powder blue color that is soothing to the sight.

Advantage: Argentina

Match Prediction

There is a lot of buzz around this Bosnia-Herzegovina team, as they have a lot of firepower and play a fun sort of football, but there are questions about how well they can defend and on the biggest stage against one of the most potent offensives, I don't like their chances to pull this one out. Give me Argentina 3-1.

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