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Best NYC Bars To Watch the World Cup

by Photo of Theodore Liggians

Here are some of the best bars to catch a match whether you’re rooting for Brazil, Germany or Portugal!

Best NYC Bars To Watch the World Cup

Editor's Note: I just watched the England/Italy game at The Red Lion, and I would recommend that place for any England game in the future. And you better believe every bar in the city will be filled with American Outlaws during every USA game. - Ross

We know it gets pretty boring watching the World Cup go on by yourself or with your friends, so why not go out to a bar with your friends? There's nothing like enjoying the game with supporters of your team, or just checking out matches and watching other people go nuts. 

Don't know which New York City bars favor your team? Don't worry, we're about to help you get a start on your search. Here are some of the best bars in NYC to catch some World Cup action.

Banter Bar

132 Havemeyer St., Brooklyn, NY

If you and your friends aren't repping any team colors in specific you can go to this bar as a start. They have beers for all of the countries playing in the World Cup and if you show the bartender your passport you'll be able to buy $4 Carlsbergs and $5 Caipirinhas. The bar will have every game playing live on two HD projection screens and three other plasma TV's.

If you're at work during a game, you can still go there to catch replays at 8 p.m. every night.

The Garden at Studio Square

33-35 36th St., Queens, NY

Don't want to be cramped inside with a ton of people screaming at TV screens? Go do it outside at The Garden in Queens. They will have 30 60 inch LED flat screens placed around the venue so you cannot miss anything in the game.

You can order a range of American, Mexican, Belgian, and Dutch beers here in support of either of those teams, but you are not forced to favor any team. Bar hours begin at 10 a.m. and do not end until everyone has left or the bar runs out.

Zum Schneider

107 Avenue C at E. 7th St., New York, NY

Party with Germany! The bar will continue its 12-year tradition of showing EVERY World Cup game but do not expect to stick to the ordinary routine of watching the games, drinking beer, and cheering here. You will have all of that plus live entertainment and a DJ on game days.

Expect to drink tons of German beer, dine with a special brunch and lunch menu, and have a good time.

Midtown 1015

1015 2nd Ave., New York, NY

Looking for somewhere to support Switzerland? Here you go, a three floor venue with a bar and TVs everywhere on each floor.

The bar has its happy hours from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. with some drinks being $4 or $5. The second floor has some couches for you to relax and watch the games on and the third floor is the roof which has more TVs and couches.

There place gets packed fast so it's best to get there early.


138-40 101 Avenue, Queens, NY

We hope you are supporting Portugal if you go to this Iberian bar. Combine the tasty food, with beers, World Cup, and some Portugal fans and you're guaranteed to have a good time.

When the U.S. goes against Portugual on Sunday June 22 the restaurant will have a special event where people can come and spread across both halls in order to watch the game on a giant inflatable TV, if it does not rain. Since the game falls on their "Sangria Sunday" you'll only have to pay $10 for a half pitcher of Sangria and $15 for a full pitcher.

11th Street Bar

510 E. 11th St., New York, NY

Watch a game between England and any other team here and you're guaranteed to see everyone in the place screaming at the game. I'd suggest you not enter if you are not for England, for your own safety.

The bar is a classic Irish pub so you can expect the real bar feel and it stays open until four in the morning. Even when the game is over you don't have to go home, you can stick around and keep drinking until four.

Miss Favela

57 S. 5th St., Brooklyn, NY

BRASIL! This place is said to hold Pele in the same light as a patron saint, so I suggest you not say a word that goes against Brazil. Brazilians are tons of fun so if you are for Brazil expect a nice welcome party.

Sometimes during and after the game there are Samba dancers who will dance around the place, especially if the score is in Brazil's favor or the drinks are strong. Dancing, drinks, and Brazilians watching Brazil play are all the ingredients for a blast.

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