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Brazil's Penalty: Flop or Not?

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Brazil was awarded a penalty on this play that ultimately swung the game in their favor.

GIF via Business Insider

The 2014 FIFA World Cup started this afternoon with host country Brazil taking on Croatia, and of course there had to be some controversy. With the match tied 1-1, Brazil was on the attack looking for a goal to take the lead. Brazil's Fred was in the penalty box trying to maneuver towards the ball. Croatia's Dejan Lovren was playing physical defense when Fred suddenly fell flailing to the ground. The referee awarded Brazil the penalty, which their star Neymar easily scored to give them the 2-1 lead. From that point on, Brazil was in the driver's seat and won the game by a final score of 3-1. 

There's really no debate with this one. It was clearly a flop on Fred. Yes, Lovren had his hands on him and was grabbing/pulling, but not to the extent that Fred could be pulled down that forcefully. Lovren made it easy for the ref to issue a decision like that, but the play was so clearly not a penalty that it's hard to argue otherwise. I mean just look at this screen cap:

Brazil's Penalty: Flop or Not?

He is staring directly at a referee and complaining while he is falling. That's not a foul, but a terrible flop, and it is really a shame that a call like that was made. Sure, Brazil had the momentum and probably would have broken through regardless, but don't just hand them the goal.

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Comments (1)
  1. Christopher Matthew Bacon's profile

    Christopher Matthew Bacon

    June 13th, 2014 @12:53

    Why don't you show the other side of them? Because the other side shows the croations hand very firmly on his pec. If you look at his momentum, he is going forwards towards the ball until the top half of his body gets pulled back. To fall intentionally he'd've had to do so by collapsing his legs, but that's not what happens. Instead his legs have forward momentum and his torso literally gets pulled back by the croatian's left hand. It's not a flop, it's a legitimate holding penalty. You just don't want to show the camera angle that CLEARLY shows this because controversy gets more views. You and the rest of the media covering this should be ashamed. The physics is clear, as is the other camera angle. This was a legitimate foul.

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