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Watch Will Ferrell and Chad Smith's Epic Drum-Off

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Ferrell and Smith finally ended the debate over who the real Chad Smith is on ‘The Tonight Show.’

For decades, the brightest minds at our disposal still had difficulties with the age-old question: Is Chad Smith really the drummer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers or is he just a character played by actor Will Ferrell?

Last night, we finally got the answer to the question when the two participated in a Drum-Off on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Two identical Chad Smiths/Will Ferrells walked out, and for a second I got eerie flashbacks to the climactic segment of "Get In The Cage" with two identical Nic Cage's. 

Fallon interviewed the pair, whose contempt for the other was quite palpable, and we learned some insights into Chad Smith's life.

  • He began playing drums when he was 8-years-old on a K-Mart drum kit in his bedroom.
  • He first heard Will Ferrell claim that he was Chad Smith when he was jamming with the Chili Peppers in one of their four Jam Houses located in the continental United States.
  • At the time, he told Flea that this is "Bull."
  • He was high on set.
Watch Will Ferrell and Chad Smith's Epic Drum-Off

But once they got to the real drum battle, it was pretty clear who the real Chad Smith was. Ferrell did his best impression of a drummer, even getting some help from ?uestlove of The Roots (at least I think that's what happened) to make it seem like he was playing. Some surprise guests even popped up at the end to give him a hand.  

The best parts about this: it was entertaining, and it was for a great cause, with charities getting helped out by both Ferrell and Smith. 

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