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You Must Be My Soul Sista...

by Photo of Kandice Lawson

Singer is set to perform September 16th!

You Must Be My Soul Sista...

"Won't go on unnoticed,

So concrete can't hold this,

Hearts filled righteously..."

The world got it's first taste of singer Bilal back in 2001 when his single, "Soul Sista," was released. His debut album, "1st Born Second," debuted on the Top R&B/Hip-hop charts at #10. He has often been placed into the Neo-Soul bracket, but he likes to refer to his sound as being a "jazz-fusion rock-type funk." Although his follow-up album "Love For Sale"  was not felt by Interscope execs, the album was leaked and the feedback from the singer's fans and critics as well was all that he needed to get back to writing and making music. In 2009, he announced that his official follow-up album would be released through Plug Research Music, a label based in Los Angeles, California. His third album, "Airtight's Revenge," was released in September of 2010. Bilal has always promised to keep the jazz-influenced sound that his fans love have grown to love so much!

Don't miss your chance to catch the singer live at B.B. King's Club and Grill, on Friday, September 16th! And you can get your tickets here at Charged.fm !

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