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Videos: Celtics Pay Tribute to Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Two in-game tribute videos were shown to honor the contributions of two of the most popular Celtics.

Videos: Celtics Pay Tribute to Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett

Last night, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett returned to Boston for the first time since the trade that sent the pair to the Brooklyn Nets from the Boston Celtics. Pierce was the face of the Celtics in the midst of a lengthy rebuild and stayed with the team because he wanted to win in Boston, where he was drafted. Garnett joined the team through a trade in 2007 along with Ray Allen and helped bring a championship to the city for the first time since 1986.  

During breaks in the game, the Celtics played videos to honor both players and welcome them back to Boston. Garnett's came first during a timeout late in the first quarter:

Between the first and second quarters, the team honored Pierce with a lengthier video tribute:

It was a very nice gesture on the part of the Celtics to give these two players their moments on their former home court. The video was the least the franchise could do for all that these two players did for the organization: a championship, two trips to the Finals, trips to the playoffs every season and a renewed vigor for a franchise in flux. The real thank you came from the fans in attendance who let Pierce and Garnett know just how much they meant to the team. I can only imagine what it must have been like for them on the court to receive those kinds of ovations. They can try to explain it, but it really does go beyond words. 

That kind of mutual appreciation is what fandom is all about, and moments like these are why you want to be there.

[Videos via The Brooklyn Game's YouTube Channel]

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