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Andrew McCutchen Got Engaged to his Girlfriend on 'Ellen'

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

The newly-minted NL MVP added ‘engagement’ to a banner year.

Andrew McCutchen Got Engaged to his Girlfriend on 'Ellen'

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If you live in the Northeast and have been outside this week, you know that it's very cold. It's almost unbearably cold. Unlike Westeros, where winter is only coming, winter is here in full force. The cold weather is enough to dampen the spirits of anyone brave enough to step outside, but I have the cure for all of those chilly hearts out there.

Yesterday, Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder and newly-crowned NL MVP Andrew McCutchen went on "Ellen" yesterday and proposed to his long-time girlfriend, Maria Hansloven. He showed a video package that started out with his highlights, but then transformed into a highlight reel of their relationship. McCutchen made a sort of cheesy connection to baseball with a home run metaphor that was a stretch, but he invited Maria down to join him and then gave his heartfelt proposal.

The Year of McCutchen is ending on quite a high note. First he helps lead the Pirates to their first postseason appearance since 1992. Then he gets the MVP. Now finally he gets engaged to his lovely girlfriend. Proclaiming your love on national television is an extremely manly thing to do. All the best, Mr. McCutchen and Ms. Hansloven, and hopefully this video helped melt any frost that built up over your hearts during these cold, cold times.

[via Deadspin]

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