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FSU's Jameis Winston Not Charged with Sexual Assault

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

After a lengthy investigation, State Attorney Willie Meggs did not bring charges against Winston.

FSU's Jameis Winston Not Charged with Sexual Assault

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Florida State Seminoles quarterback and Heisman Trophy hopeful Jameis Winston was not charged for a sexual assault that took place back in December, 2012. Florida State Attorney Willie Meggs made the ruling this afternoon. The popular belief was that there was not enough evidence in the case to earn a conviction if Winston was to be charged. Details from the police reports that have leaked note that the complainant's story had changed slightly over time and that she had been uncooperative with authorities during the process. 

There are a few ways that people are likely reacting to this decision. Some will probably say that Florida St. influenced things to protect their star player. The accuser is a complete liar trying to run a celebrity's name through the mud. When not much is known about a situation, it's easy to jump to conclusions like those, but it's also irresponsible. For a really fair and balanced look at the way to react, read this by Andy Hutchins over at SB Nation's Alligator Army. It's a great piece that touches on a lot of the things that might be going through some minds.

No matter what your opinion of the decision, it doesn't change the facts: Meggs couldn't see enough evidence to merit charging Winston, so he is not charged. Now, he will be able to continue playing quarterback for the top-ranked Seminoles as they prepare for the ACC Championship against Duke on Saturday. He'll return to being the Heisman frontrunner. But even with the decision, the effects on public perception will linger. It's over, but it isn't, even though it should be.

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