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WAR EAGLE: Auburn Stuns Alabama

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Chris Davis returned a missed field goal 109 yards to give #4 Auburn a 34-28 win with no time remaining.

WAR EAGLE: Auburn Stuns Alabama


It's been nearly two days since the wild conclusion of the Iron Bowl between #1 Alabama and #4 Auburn, and I still can't fully comprehend what I just saw unfold. Was it a tryptophan-induced fever dream? A miracle straight from the heavens above? Or just one of the strangest and most thrilling finishes to a college football game that we've seen in quite some time? 

Early Saturday evening, not only did Auburn tie the game with a 39-yard pass off a triple-option thrown right at the line of scrimmage on the run by quarterback Nick Marshall. Not only did Alabama attempt a game-winning 57-yard field goal (with their backup kicker) to win the game after getting the ball back. But cornerback Chris Davis caught the missed field goal at the back of the end zone and returned it all the way for a stunning touchdown to win the game 34-28.

That score sent the crowd at Jordan-Hare Stadium (or at least the majority rooting for Auburn) into hysterics. It was an unbelievable way to end a football game and certainly one of the craziest endings to a college football that I've seen. You rarely see missed field goals returned for touchdowns period. How likely is it that one would be returned to win a game against two top-five teams in the nation?

The Auburn radio call of the play is just as amazing as the play itself:

Here it is in GIF form via SB Nation. What the GIF provides with an endless loop of this terrific play, it lacks in the awesome play call. The audio exponentially improves the watchability of this highlight.

And the final thing that makes this return awesome is that the man who returned it, senior Chris Davis, tweeted this nearly a year ago (unearthed by Sean Howe, I believe):

"I need to get on kick return and punt return this year"

That was tweeted on December 5, 2012. Davis obviously knew what he was talking about.

With the win, Auburn will now play for the SEC championship game against fifth-ranked Missouri, and a win against another top-five opponent might be enough to lift them in the BCS rankings. I still can't believe it.

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