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Jets Sign Ed Reed

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

After the Houston Texans waived the veteran safety, Rex Ryan scooped him up.

Jets Sign Ed Reed

Ed Reed's unemployment didn't last very long. The veteran safety was signed today by the New York Jets after the Houston Texans cut him loose. Jake Steinberg (@Steiny31) was the first to report that the sides were close today, and there is photo evidence that Reed is on the practice field with the Jets (wearing number 22).

What does Ed Reed bring to the Jets at this point? It depends on your point of view. He's 35 and has been in the league for 12 years. His physical skills are in a pretty steep decline. We know Ed Reed as a ball hawk, but he hasn't really sniffed much of the ball so far this season. He started just five of seven games for Houston and contributed 14 tackles and six assists. Reed hasn't recorded an interception, a forced/recovered fumble or even a pass defensed. He was a non-factor, in essence, for the Texans.

But as a veteran, Reed does bring a wealth of experience to a Jets secondary that is filled with young talent. He's played for Rex Ryan before (when Ryan was a coordinator in Baltimore) and knows the defense. If he can't bring anything on the field, he can certainly help in that regard. But if he does happen to have something left in the tank, all the better for the Jets, who could use another able body in the secondary as they continue to fight for a playoff spot. It's a low-risk move for New York., and I bet he'll come up with a big play or two for this team. If that's all he does, they should be happy with the move. But I think you have to approach this with low expectations.

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