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NBA Highlight of the Night: Lob City Returns

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Chris Paul and Blake Griffin hooked up for three straight alley-oops against the Warriors last night.

Even though the Los Angeles Clippers (especially Blake Griffin) don't like to use the term Lob City to describe the team, the phrase is an accurate descriptor of what took place last night in the team's 126-115 win over the Golden State Warriors. Griffin and point guard Chris Paul hooked up on so many alley-oops that it was impossible not to use Lob City. 

Case in point: in the above video, Griffin and Paul hook up for three straight alley-oop scores over a period of just 38 seconds off of three straight Warriors turnovers. Three oops, 38 seconds. That's insane. The scores ballooned LA's lead from 12 to 18, and even though it was still just the third quarter, the game basically ended right there. Let's quickly rank the individual oops in order of least impressive to most impressive.

3) Oop Number One: Even though Kevin Harlan lost his shit during the call, this dunk was just ho-hum in my book. There was nothing too fancy about it, although Griffin did make a nice defensive play get the steal and start things in motion.

2) Oop Number Three: This one was very similar to the first oop, but Griffin upped the ante with the one-handed catch and flush.

1) Oop Number Two: I wasn't even expecting this one to happen. The degree of difficulty here was higher than any of the other plays. After getting the steal, Paul threw the lead pass from all the way at half court. Because it wasn't sent in the vicinity of the rim, I thought it was your run-of-the-mill lead pass. But Griffin took off right at the inside of the free throw circle, caught the ball mid-jump and threw it down. This one was just terrific all the way around.

NBA Highlight of the Night: Lob City Returns

If this is the kind of stuff these two are already doing two games into the season, I can't wait until they are in mid-season form.

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