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CMJ Interview: SWF

by Photo of Gabriela Barkho

SWF, aka Stevie Weinstein-Foner, makes his CMJ debut at Brooklyn’s The Rock Shop

CMJ Interview: SWF

SWF, aka Stevie Weinstein-Foner, made his CMJ debut at The Rock Shop during the 2013 festival, kicking off the busy week with a live show. We sat down with the Brooklyn-based artist for a Q&A, where he spoke about his newly released album Let It Be Told , CMJ and his musical hopes for the future.

Are you excited to play your first CMJ show?

Yeah! Things are happening. I’m excited and open to everything that’s gonna happen. One of my intentions for CMJ is to come out of it with bookings and tours. I just wanna get this record out there for people to hear it and have access to it.

How and when did you start playing music?

I learned how to play music at summer camp. Then I started playing in bands. I learned all the hippie summer camp songs. Then I started bands and playing with others, but it was never really my thing. I was always kinda faking it and doing other people’s thing. Then finally I was like I’m writing my own songs. I was finally like ‘Fuck this, I’m just gonna do it my way.’

Tell us a bit about  how forming SWF came about.

I sent out an email asking. The first SWF show was completely unrehearsed, it was Upstate on a porch. It was like a 4th of July show and I was like ‘Hey, does anybody wanna play these songs with me?’ and Rob (Chamberlain) was like ‘Yeah, these are awesome!’ So we just made it happen.

Can you tell us about your song writing process?

It’s pretty organic. It’s not like I sit down like ‘I’m gonna write a song now!’ it’s something that happens when I get caught off guard. When I’m driving my car or walking my dog and then it’s like boom. Then I go home and I play it on the guitar and then it’s a song.

What do you hope to achieve in the upcoming future?

I hope to tour the East Coast, the US, play some festivals this summer for sure and maybe by next year do a European tour. I’m trying to play in India this January, so that would be cool! I hope to maybe start recording another record, maybe with a band this time.

Check out SWF at his next CMJ show this Friday Oct.18 at The Delancey.

SWF’s new album Let It Be Told is availble now at http://swfvibes.bandcamp.com. Be sure to check back all week long for more dispatches from the 2013 CMJ Music Marathon!

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