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A 'New' Album Released This Week Among Several Others

by Photo of Sunaina Singh

Plenty of good music drops this week, including new McCartney, Pearl Jam and The Dismemberment Plan.

A 'New' Album Released This Week Among Several Others

Cults: Static 

A breakup is the main theme of this new release by Cults and the Brooklyn pop duo have produced typical love songs that are quite enjoyable. One critic mentioned that it lacked variety and we believe that's because of the new record's central theme. However, the good part about this release is that it doesn't take you to the past and tells the listeners to live in the present. Metacritic has Static at a cumulative score of 74. 

Pearl Jam: Lightening Bolt

The tenth studio release by Pearl Jam is not only refreshing but also pretty energetic. However, The Line of Best Fit complains about the lyrics of the tracks that aren't "particularly interesting." We agree that there are a lot of expectations attached to bands as iconic Pearl Jam, but we don't think a lot of pop artists, particularly Britney Spears, come up with the best lyrics either. So maybe we should give Pearl Jam a break. With a Metacritic rating of 73, it seems that people are enjoying the album just fine. 

Paul McCartney: New 

The Telegraph pretty much sums it up in one sentence: This album proves McCartney's talent is timeless. One thing that we believe everyone would admire about this album by Paul McCartney is that he doesn't sound desperately contemporary in his music. As All Music Guide points out, the album is aware of the musician's legacy. The first release by McCartney in six years has a Metacritic rating of 78. 

The Dismemberment Plan: Uncanney Valley

Looks like The Dismemberment Plan couldn't impress critics with their first release in 12 years. According to Slant Magazine, the album neither embraces the past as nostalgia, nor does it ignore the events of the past 12 years. Critics have referred to the music in the album as being "fun" but the lyrics, not so much. All in all, the album might be fun but its definitely not the kind of comeback that people had been waiting for. Its so-so Metacritic rating stands at 64. 

The Avett Brothers: Magpie and the Dandelion 

With some mixed reviews by critics, Magpie and the Dandelion stands at 63 on metacritic. The A.V. Club mentions that the album has "no bite, no substance, and no real pizzazz." Well, it does look like a strong effort by the band though. This is the eighth release by The Avett Brothers and kind of has a "youthful wonder" feel. 

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