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Lady Gaga Will Preview 'ARTPOP' This Month

by Photo of Sunaina Singh

Pop star’s new album will be revealed at invite-only event in Berlin.

Lady Gaga Will Preview 'ARTPOP' This Month

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Lady Gaga is expected to reveal her upcoming album ARTPOP at Berlin club Bergain, which is known for its hedonist parties as well as the strictness at the door. 

NME reports that the event will be held this month in a room, which is occasionally opened for such events, exhibitions and concerts. The invite-only playback on Oct. 24 won't clash with the regular weekend programming in Berghain. 

Although the event is invite-only, Little Monsters still have a chance to be a part of their favorite star's big day. The host's AMPYA will distribute 50 pairs of VIP tickets to those who submit the best answer to this: 'A question that you always wanted to ask Lady Gaga.' Another 10 grand prize winners will be selected and given access to the playback and a chance to meet Gaga herself. 

We're not one of the Little Monsters but it does sound like this is a pretty amazing opportunity for them. 

The club is not only widely regarded as being the best one for electronic music, but it also includes all of Gaga's interests including elaborate fashion, dark dance music and even public sexuality. In fact, the star previously visited the club for a show of her "Monster's Ball" tour. 

However, no one but the lucky chosen ones gets to see Gaga this time around. 

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