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VIDEO: CHARGED.fm Comes Out On Top

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

ABC 15 Checks CHARGED.fm vs. Ticketmaster, and the result wasn’t even close.

VIDEO: CHARGED.fm Comes Out On Top

When you're making a purchase, it's always a great idea to compare your options. If you're buying a car, you're going to want to compare prices from different dealers and find the best options. 

We think fans should do the same thing for tickets.

That's what ABC 15 did when they looked up Arizona Cardinals tickets. Daphne Munro looked at the price of tickets to the upcoming Cardinals/Panthers game on CHARGED.fm and found a great deal on those tickets. When she went and compared that to the price of similar tickets on Ticketmaster, and those were much more expensive. Take a look:

The difference is clear. When you Check CHARGED.fm, you're going to find savings. CHARGED.fm's whole business model is predicated on the fact that people are becoming smarter. Ticket buyers are taking control and using the power to click away to another site who is going to treat them fairly. This spot shows that CHARGED.fm is on the right track. We can't help the lemmings who mindlessly pay for download fees on their ticketing. But the smart buyer who wants to be responsible with their finances has a friend in CHARGED.fm.

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