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Metallica 'Through The Never' Is Definitely For The Die-Hards

by Photo of Sunaina Singh

The film is completely different from the band’s 2004 documentary and is a new take on the genre.

Metallica 'Through The Never' Is Definitely For The Die-Hards

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Metallica's first concert movie of their 30-year career, Through the Never, leaves the audience with an immersive experience, which includes shots of thousands of their fans banging their heads and close ups of the band itself playing for all those people with an elaborate stage show. 

Starring Metallica, their fans and star Dane DeHaan, the movie has attempted a narrative story line that ties in with the band's live performance recorded over three nights in Vancouver. By mashing up the concept with an adventure flick, the makers have been 100 percent innovative with the project. However, we think that the trailer makes the viewers feel as if the movie is a never-ending music video of the band from MTV's salad days (when Metallica used to actually do those). 

The scripted part of the film revolves around the story of a young roadie for the band, played by breakout star Dane DeHaan. He is sent on a task during the band's roaring live set in front of an arena. A van somewhere in the city is out of gas and contains something that the band needs. So the crew sends the roadie out to get this object. It is funny to note that his character appears to be 20 years younger than most of the crowd that comes to see the band live. 

Anyhow, it looks like DeHaan's life turns totally upside down in the film and we would like to see how the band's amazing performances blend in with his story. One of the main strengths of the movie also lies in the use of 3D to capture the footage. 

We think that the movie will only be able to attract Metallica's die-hard fans and the fictionalized part of the story wouldn't be good enough for the casual movie-goer since there are probably better films to watch if you're not really interested in the band. 

Watch the trailer for the film right here and see if you'd like to watch it on the big screen: 

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