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CHARGED.fm In-Studio Series: Royal Canoe Performance

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Winnipeg band Royal Canoe played a great stripped-down version of their single “Hold On To The Metal”

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There's a lot to like about Winnipeg band Royal Canoe. For starters, they are all great guys. Next, they are all hockey fans (which you'll hear more about in one of our upcoming interview videos). And most importantly, they make some terrific music. Their album Today We're Believers is a tremendous mix of sounds and styles that blend pretty seamlessly into a sound that is all their own. One song might sound more like traditional folk rock. The next might be infused with heavy hip-hop beats and flooded with synths. Throughout the album, the band always keeps you invested because you never know quite what you're going to get next.

When they stopped by our DUMBO studios earlier this week, they played one of my favorite songs off the album "Hold On To The Metal." This one has more of a conventional feel to it, but even when it's stripped down, you can hear that there are a lot of moving parts that all come together in a great way. Check out the video above and be on the lookout for more from Royal Canoe's visit later today.

CHARGED.fm In-Studio Series: Royal Canoe Performance

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