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Until The End Of Time...

by Photo of Kandice Lawson

Two new diss records surface from the now deceased rapper….

Until The End Of Time...

In this article…

2Pac is back!!! Again...

It seems as if rapper Tupac made enough music while alive to last  the world until the end of time. Two new tracks were released this week from the late rapper. Who released the tracks and why they released them, is not known at this point.

The two new songs, "NY 87" and the alternate version of "Watch ya Mouth" were recorded around 1996, right in the midst of the "East Coast West Coast" beef. The songs go at East coast artists including well-known rival Notorious B.I.G., Diddy, Nas, Mobb Deep, and former Death Row labelmate Dr. Dre. Gossip talk-show host Wendy Williams was also one to feel the wrath of Pac on the new songs.

2pac has sold over 75 million records worldwide, 37.5 million alone were sold in the U.S. He died September 13th, 1996 due to respiratory failure and cardiac arrest, after being shot 4 times in Las Vegas 6 days prior.

We aint mad at cha' Pac for still keeping the hits coming...

Check out Bossip.com to hear the full tracks.

Check out Charged.fm for more stories on this artist!

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