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Fantasy Football Rankings: Top 10 Wide Receivers for 2013

by Photo of Scott Davis

This edition of Fantasy Football Rankings examines the top ten picks at wide receiver

Fantasy Football Rankings: Top 10 Wide Receivers for 2013

It's been a while since our previous installment of Fantasy Football Rankings, but as football season is rapidly approaching, with fantasy drafts queuing up, it's time to examine the top wide receivers for fantasy football.

Wide receivers are different players to analyze when it comes to fantasy football because they're more reliant on other players. Of course, running backs need a good offensive line, and quartersbacks need good targets, but those positions are also more self-sufficient. Wide receivers, even the most talented of them, won't do much in fantasy if they don't have a quarterback that can hit them with the ball down the field. It's also important find wide receivers that catch long passes and complete touchdowns. On some teams, some receivers are designated as long-ball guys or red-zone guys. In fantasy, a wide receiver that gains yards on the field and scores touchdowns can be crucial for points.

Here's a list of ten wide receivers to draft for this year's fantasy season:

1) Calvin Johnson, Detroit Lions

Calvin Johnson, aka Megatron, is widely regarded as the top receiver in football. Last season he led the NFL in receiving yards, going for an absurd 1,964 total yards, with an average of 16 yards per catch. He only caught five touchdowns last year, but he caught 12 and 16, respectively, in his prior two seasons, so he may rebound in 2013.

2) Dez Bryant, Dallas Cowboys

Bryant has made a name for himself in recent years as one of the best receivers in the game. He broke 1,300 receiving yards last season and completed 12 touchdowns. He also has Tony Romo throwing to him, and for all of Romo's faults, he can at least get the ball into Bryant's hands.

3) A.J. Green, Cincinnati Bengals

Green's two seasons in the NFL already put him among the top receivers in the NFL, gaining over 2,400 combined yards and 18 combined touchdowns. Entering his third year in the NFL, he may improve upon his 1,350 receiving yards mark from last season. His yards per catch did decrease in his sophomore season, though, which is something to watch for.

4) Brandon Marshall, Chicago Bears

In his first season in Chicago, Marshall performed splendidly, going for over 1,500 yards, the highest of his career, and 11 touchdowns. He's reached over 1,000 yards the last six years, making him a very reliable option each week.

5) Demaryius Thomas, Denver Broncos

Thomas enjoyed a breakout season last year, thanks, in no doubt, to the presence of Peyton Manning. After a sophomore season of about 550 receiving yards, Thomas exploded for 1,434 receiving yards and 10 touchdowns in 2012. The presence of Wes Welker might take away his catching opportunities, but given his size and youth advantages, Thomas should still be a top receiver in 2013.

6) Julio Jones, Atlanta Falcons

In his second year, Jones scored 10 touchdowns and reached nearly 1,200 yards. The Falcons have a high-powered offense with a trustworthy quarterback in Matt Ryan who could help Jones build on his already promising career.

7) Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals

Fitzgerald has suffered something of a drop-off last season, but 2013 could be a revival year for him. The Cardinals acquired Carson Palmer at QB, who should be a much better option to get Fitzgerald the ball. He didn't break 1,000 receiving yards last year for the first time in five years, but he should get there this season.

8) Andre Johnson, Houston Texans

Johnson somewhat quietly went for nearly 1,600 receiving yards last season, becoming an equally dangerous offensive option as Arian Foster for the Texans. Johnson can rack up catches and yards, but health and his touchdowns are a concern. In the last two seasons, Johnson has only managed 6 combined touchdowns.

9) Vincent Jackson, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Lost in the Bucs miserable 4-12 season was Vincent Jackson's continued excellence. He went for a career-high 1,384 receiving yards and a downright silly 19 yards per catch. He also managed 8 touchdowns. He's Tampa Bay's best target, and though his upside is limited at 30-years old, he's a very solid option.

10) Victor Cruz, New York Giants

After a breakout rookie season, Cruz suffered a sophomore slump in 2012. His receiving yards were down as were his yards per catch, but he did manage 10 touchdowns. Given a year to readjust and a healthy Hakeem Nicks, defenses won't be able to key in on Cruz as much and he should have a year similar to his rookie season.

Other options:

- Roddy White, Atlanta Falcons

- Wes Welker, Denver Broncos

- Randall Cobb, Green Bay Packers

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