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Katy Perry Announces Album Release Date on a Gold Truck

by Photo of Antoinette Cammarano

A shiny, all-gold truck has Katy Perry’s album release date plastered on the side.

Katy Perry Announces Album Release Date on a Gold Truck

Fans have been waiting impatiently for the follow-up to Katy Perry' s 2010 album Teenage Dream , and they may have just received the release date. 

Found in Los Angeles, a shiny, all-gold truck that is roughly the length of three whole building, has the words "KATY PERRY - PRISM - 10.22.13" emblazoned on the side. That's one way to announce when your new album is dropping.

The stunt is sure to generate a lot of attention for the upcoming album. Katy Perry tweeted to fans following the uploading of the first picture of the Prism truck by Adam Lambert, telling them to take a picture of the truck and tweet it to her, and she would retweet them in return. Touching base with her fans this way will make finding the truck a game, and I'm positive fans will go absolutely nuts to get retweeted by the superstar.

Way back in April, MTV reported that Katy Perry was half-way through making the follow-up album. Some songwriters who collaborated on the upcoming album include Max Martin, Sia, Dr. Luke, Greg Wells, and Bonnie McKee. McKee and Perry co-wrote the songs "California Gurls," "Teenage Dream," "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)," and "Part of Me." Those songs were all mega-hits for Katy Perry, so it is certain that any song written by this duo on the upcoming album is a surefire hit.

In June, Perry stated that this album would be inspired by her personal life, so her divorce from British comedian Russell Brand may very well be a topic of a few songs. In addition to the songs dealing with her personal life, Perry claims this album is "darker" than her previous releases, and takes a load of inspiration from Madonna.

Prism will be Perry's fourth studio album. Katy Hudson, Katy Perry's self-titled debut album, did not generate much success for the now-pop superstar. It wasn't until 2008's One of the Boys, and the controversial single "I Kissed a Girl," that Perry broke onto the music scene. However, five years later, Perry has generated a loyal following of "KatyKats" who will gobble up anything the singer/songwriter releases. 

I'm excited to see what she puts out to follow-up the widely successful Teenage Dream album, which was one of my biggest guilty pleasures in 2010. 

Let CHARGED.fm find you the best Katy Perry tickets when she decides to go on tour to promote her new album! Given the show she put on for the California Dreams Tour, its sure to be a doozy.

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