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Global Citizen Festival 2013 Headliners Announced

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Stevie Wonder, Kings of Leon, Alicia Keys and John Mayer will all head to Central Park this September.

Global Citizen Festival 2013 Headliners Announced

Global Citizen Festival is gearing up for their second year at Central Park Great Lawn, but if you've never heard of it, you might be surprised how to get in. Unlike most concerts you've ever been to, the Global Citizen Festival only lets those in who have played an active role in causing change for many of our worlds current problems. That's right, you can't buy these tickets, you have to earn points through acts of helping raise awareness and actively taking part in change. Last year, Neil Young headlined the concert, a polio survivor himself. This year, we'll see big names like Stevie WonderKings of LeonJohn Mayer and Alicia Keys

The organization grew out of the Global Poverty Project, which strives to end extreme poverty all around the world; a situation that more than 1.4 billion people, living on less that $1.25 a a day are currently in. Working with nongovernmental organizations worldwide, the Global Poverty Project works on spanning education, women's rights, public health, as well as providing mosquito nets, malaria treatment, and trains midwives to help eradicate polio in the three countries where it still remains endemic.   

Besides the fact that they've widened their span of activism, this year's festival is no different. This year focuses on the success and progress of ending extreme poverty by 2030, as well as securing new commitments to health, education, women's equality and global partnerships. All 4 headliners will play without compensation to support eradicating global poverty. "These four headlining artists are willing to play for free because they believe this generation wants to see the end of extreme poverty," said Hugh Evans, co-founder and CEO of Global Poverty Project. "They're all committed to that goal - in partnership with tens of thousands of global citizens." 

So, how does it actually work? Well, there's a couple of steps to get started. First, you have to go sign up over at Global Citizen Festival and become a "global citizen." The system works sort of like a raffle drawing. You earn points by watching videos, putting things up on social media (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, etc.) all relating to issues the event is trying to raise awareness for. You have to earn 10 points to enter to win tickets. For example, sharing a video on Facebook helps grow the movement, and earns you a point. Signing a petition that helps demonstrate public support for a government or business action receives two points. Emailing a senator's office directly about an issue will earn you five points. The basic idea is that the more that people speak out and voice their opinions, the more pull we all have in our government and business leaders decisions.  This year there will be 54,000 free tickets, and as long as you keep racking up points, you are allowed to keep entering for the drawing. 

"The Global Citizen Festival aims to rais the consciousness of a genration to make change inevitable. It's an incredible tool to promote activism through something people love -- live musical entertainment -- and in turn, give our world leaders a clear and compelling mandate to commit to ending extreme poverty by 2030." via GCF

What about last year's festival? Check out this graphic showing what was accomplished through simple awareness inflation last year. Impressive. 

That's basically just the tip of the iceberg though. The event held in New York is a major kickstarter, but you earn points to see bands you love throughout the year. That's right, the deal extends to other concerts too. For a full list of artists you can see simply by earning points and entering raffles, check out their current tour page. Pretty rad.

You can't buy these tickets, didn't you read the article? Wan't to see someone who's not on the list? Let CHARGED.fm help you get the best concert tickets this year! 

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