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Source: Howard to Houston is Happening

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Our own Tommy Dee has scoop that the Rockets are the frontrunners to land the prized FA center.

Source: Howard to Houston is Happening

The NBA free agency period began at midnight, and with it comes waves of rumors and moves all over the social media landscape. The biggest free agent prize of the summer, now that Chris Paul is back with the Los Angeles Clippers, is center Dwight Howard.

Yes, a national Dwightmare has started up again.

But this could be a shorter Dwightmare than the long, drawn out ones we are accustomed to. Howard is getting plenty of attention right at the start, and according to our own Tommy Dee, founder of SNY's The Knicks Blog, this race might already have a winner: the Houston Rockets.

Here are a series of tweets he just recently sent out:

And the kicker:

Dee also went on to say that this isn't over yet. His source told him that Dwight is expected to meet with Golden State Warriors' owner Joe Lacob in LA later today. It was also widely publicized that his most recent employers, the Los Angeles Lakers, were going to make their pitch on Tuesday complete with a Kobe Bryant appearance. Nothing is certain yet, but Dee has been in the know with Dwight stuff in the past:

Stay tuned while we wait for more, but it sure sounds like Howard to Houston goes down in the near future.

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