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Diddy Quietly Pays Up

by Photo of Nadia Elysse

Superstar pays large sums of money to victims of 1999 shootout at Club New York.

Diddy Quietly Pays Up

Did you know that Sean "Diddy" Combs paid $1.8 million to one victim of the 1999 shooting that he was involved in?  Well, he did. Sure, these things happen all the time -- settlements, that is.  But how did the settlement manage to remain under the radar of the media machine? There is no question that Diddy is an almost brilliant business man. So it's no surprise that when confronted with a situation from the past that could damage his new family man persona, Diddy's team moved quietly to prevent the news media from re-hashing the details of the unfortunate incident that occurred over 10 years ago.  

The New York Post reports that Diddy settled the civil suits stemming from the shootings at Club New York, where he partied with rapper Shyne and starlet Jennifer Lopez.  Shyne spent 9 years in prison as a result of the shooting and the incident left several people injured.  Though the exact amounts of the settlements were not made public due to confidentiality agreements signed by the parties, Club New York owner Michael Bergos went on the record, telling the Post that the most seriously injured victim, Natania Reuben, was paid an astounding $1.8 million dollars.

I'm sure Diddy is glad to put the incident behind him, as are the other victims of the shooting who willingly signed confidentiality agreements.  As for Bergos, he says, "I did nothing wrong and I may need to talk about [the incident] sometime in the future."  Bergos mentioned that he is considering writing a book about the situation.

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