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A Lifetime of Achievement

by Photo of Natasha Benjamin

Patti LaBelle is the recipient of the BET 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award

A Lifetime of Achievement

The 2011 Lifetime Achievement Awards goes to… Patti LaBelle! A woman who makes you instantly in tuned with her emotions because of the voice she carries.


During her recognition, you heard Patti say that at the age of seven is when she realized she had a voice. Her childhood years were not easy, but through her turmoil it was apparent she had a gift, that the rest of the world would soon witness. In the 1960s, she stood as the lead singer of the group The Bluebelles, which later became Patti LaBelle and the Bluebelles. By the mid-1970s, after the hit single “Lady Marmalade”, Patti began her solo career. As she spread her wings, her career truly soared with her several albums, epic stage performances and even her acclaimed status in Hollywood, like her roles in A Soldier's Story, Sing and even her appearances in A Different World. Throughout time, her gift was vividly seen and the world has been ever so thankful for it.


Last night, BET acknowledged Ms. LaBelle for the remarkable work she has done within the entertainment industry. Before granting her award, a video was shown of artists, like Beyonce and Mary J. Blige, paying homage and respect to this dynamic singer, actress and all-around woman. But it is safe to say the best part of LaBelle’s recognition, was seeing up and coming artist, Marsha Ambrosius, on stage singing her heart out.


Patti LaBelle has reached, and is continuing to reach, many hearts throughout the world and last night she was well deserving of the BET 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award.

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